Holst for galleries & Independent artistS

Organizing an AR exhibition has never been easier

Holst enables galleries and independent artists to seamlessly create, share, and showcase digital art in urban spaces, turning any city into a gallery. Bring your vision to life and captivate audiences with immersive experiences — all with Holst

Independent artist
Exhibition launch time – 1 week
  • Up to 20 spots
  • Featuring on the Gallery page
  • Audio guides and routes (soon)
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Exhibition launch time – 3 weeks
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  • Up to 50 spots
  • Featuring on the Gallery page
  • Option to add professional photos of Spots
  • Audio guides and routes (soon)
  • Unique forms of frames
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During the public beta, we can accept ETH, BTC, and SOL
for payment. If you need another payment method,
please let us know in a message.