Cape Town
New York

Urban AR exhibition

Coming in 2024

Art Object

Unidentified Art Objects are hidden from most people. New wave artists create them: they are not always found in galleries, their faces are often hidden behind avatars and nicknames.

To find unidentified objects, you need to know where to search. If you try hard enough, you can find them on social network X, in a community of similar artists and collectors of new digital art.

The format of Unidentified Art Object brings the artworks into the urban spaces. What has been hidden and undetected, needed to be found - is all around you, above you! Now the streets of the city are the gallery space. All you need to do is just open the Holst app.

Unidentified Art Object – like a UFO – will be travelling between the world's major cities in the first half of 2024. You can follow it in the Holst community and app.

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