UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York
PipiCop Wife Undercover Escaping From Nuevo México | 2023

Pipi Universal is a 42-year-old Argentinian artist who believes in self-education and the internet. His creative work follows a unique mission filled with randomness, where elements related to memes, humanity, nature, and most often, absurdity can always be found. Pipi is passionate about exploring still images, creating collages, GIFs, video art, performances, and collaborations with other artists, showcasing his love for a diversity of forms and expressions.

"PipiCop Wife Undercover Escaping From Nuevo México"

The work "PipiCop Wife Undercover Escaping From Nuevo México" showcases the artist's play with irony and self-irony. We see a figure in retro pixel-art style, as if stepped out from the early nineties' video games. It references the stylized imagery of cyberpunk culture and video games, here transformed into an element of self-parody. The artist seemingly approaches the trends of visual art with irony, reinterpreting them through the prism of contemporary digital art.