UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York
Smokers | 2023
Ceren Su

Ceren Su is a versatile artist delving into the nexus of cybernetic theory and art forms. She endeavors to merge boundaries across various mediums like painting, computer-based visualization, sound, video, and artificial intelligence. Her work investigates the coevolution of humanity and technology in the modern world. Ceren’s art, which integrates cyborgs and hybridized elements, embody process-focused expression and probes the continuous dialogue between the natural and artificial worlds. Su's works never fully reveal their structure, offering viewers a space to shape their own interpretations, free from conventional constraints. Her pieces possess a quality that invites us to reassess them as part of a reactive or sometimes autistic environment, often commenting on prevalent themes in contemporary society. Her works were exhibited nationally and internationally at exhibitions and fairs, both physically and digitally.


'Smokers' is a visual biographical tale by the artist, in which she uses her own language to tell the story of her elderly neighbor who suffered from Alzheimer's disease and talked to the television, a common symptom of dementia. The artist sees a certain aesthetic in this and captures it in her artistic practice.