UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York
Trying to focus | 2024
Ilya Bliznets

Ilya Bliznets (born 1997) is a contemporary figurative painter. Uses both traditional materials and graphic editors, creates digital art. His art often involves personal interpretations or observations. Originally studying in the field of Motorways and Aerodromes, Ilya shifted focus to contemporary art and painting in 2017, leaving his studies. He was part of the "Cosi o cosa" art group during 2017-2018, participating in collaborative works, solo, and group exhibitions. Since 2022, he has delved into digital art and NFTs, actively showcasing his work globally as a digital artist.

'Trying to focus'

The artist's practice involves the creation of digital paintings using AI as a base (framework) for subsequent post-processing in Photoshop. His process is based on observation and self-reflection, making the painting process an effective tool for personal introspection. His main interest lies in the exploration of identity and the analysis of reality, which he expands and enriches through the filter of personal fantasies and dreams. The work thus reflects not only visual concepts, but also engages in conceptual reflection on the relationship between the real and the imaginary, offering new ways of perceiving and interpreting the world around us. He also pays attention to visual search and experimentation, as to a similar exploratory experience.