UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York
crosswalk _ 001 | 2021
Ni Petrov

Ni Petrov was born in 1986 in Barnaul (Siberia, Russia). Ni Petrov is a photo artist who photographs people – his main technique is cut-out silhouettes on a blank white background. Throughout all of history, the world changes, but the only constant within it is the person. Since 2012 has been living and working in St.Petersburg (Russia).

crosswalk _ 001

Ni suggests we turn our attention to the human being - as the most beautiful creature our world has to offer! The movement of a person in the context of the city is, essentially, a fleeting impulse that will never be repeated. Just as light and shadow are elusive in our daily lives, so is every human movement - elusive, fleeting, and irrevocable. People in a city without the city.