UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York
Study for self portrait in an AI image enhancer | 2024

Skomra is a crypto artist that works with AI textures and focuses on digital subjectivity. Work from the HIRES series. The artist is known for their portraits of people - a contemporary take on the portrait genre, because the artist uses Stable Diffusion and diffusers textual inversion, and also complements the portrait with an integral part of every modern person's life - monitors and laptops. The work 'Study for self portrait in an AI image enhancer' is done in monochrome colors - black and white. Such a limited combination is an unusual decision, because Skomra works are usually filled with bright colors, but this is not the only difference from other portraits. The most important detail is that we do not see the person behind the computer, only their hand, and a photograph is opened on the monitor - a portrait within a portrait.