UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York

Alexey Efremov is an artist whose projects integrate AI technologies, motion design, and augmented reality. In creating his works, he uses neural networks and develops unique procedural and generative algorithms for the synthesis of forms and materials. By exploring and experimenting with digital objects in reality and with real objects in the digital environment, Alexey immerses the viewer in a hybrid space, creating an opportunity to gain a unique experience.


The work explores the deep connection between the individual's inner world and the external expectations of society. The image of the model, enclosed in a golden frame, reflects the pressure that cultural and social standards exert on the individual, while the transparent film covering it symbolizes fragility, protection, and constraints simultaneously. The contrast of color, scattered throughout the canvas, represents the turbulent emotions and ideas striving to break out. Thus, the piece questions the boundaries of self-identification and invites the viewer to reflect on the essence of self-expression and the limitations imposed on it by the art world.