UAO AR Exhibition
Cape Town
New York
Involved | 2023
Timur Nugmanov

Timur Nugmanov is a contemporary artist working and based in Kazakhstan.


Timur works with AI and, in a sense, captures "emotions" that are invisible, that is, a certain pure thought in which all visual output coexists. Timur does not speak of the idea of the conceptual as, for example, Joseph Kosuth with his chairs: the actual chair, the photographic chair, and the chair in the form of its word description. The actual chair is no longer needed (figuratively speaking), leaving only the chair in the form of a photograph and its word description. The photographic chair is oversaturated with its various sets. But it is the chair in the form of its word description that has become infinite, and it is precisely this thought to which AI gives form. Thought is the pure form of AI art.